With a population of around 11.4 million and a particularly high density of urbanisation, this country offers stable property values.

As a host country for European institutions and an economic hub, Belgium is strategically located for the development of innovative business concepts.
As a natural extension of its international deployment, Eurinvest has made numerous acquisitions in urban centres of Belgium, rehabilitating a prestigious heritage. Thanks to the reputation it has acquired through its investments and the vitality of the market, Eurinvest has established itself in Belgium’s commercial real estate landscape and has an office in Brussels.
Veritas, Place de la Cathédrale in Liège
Damart store, Place de la Cathédrale in Liège
Davidoff store in Bruxelles
Habitat store in Liège
Habitat in Liège
Veritas, Place de la Cathédrale in Liège